Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Summer Romper (by Sew Sweet Patterns)

Last week our weather here was incredi-bibble!  Like, summer nice.  30 degrees above normal March temps.  Outdoors in tank tops and skirts.  Break out the water table.  Eat lunch outdoors.  So nice.

It got me inspired to start making some summer clothes for my girls!  Lucca has this romper from Baby Gap that I love:

I got it on clearance on a day that I was ONLY shopping for Raina, but I just couldn't resist!  I am in love with the romper style.  So I bought this pattern called the "Summer Romper" after a pretty intensive search of Pinterest and the interwebs in general.  I was actually a bit surprised by the lack of patterns I found, but since I fell in love with this one, I don't mind so much :)

I used this super cute fabric

Here it is partially finished, waiting for me to sew the neck casing...

While I was sewing the casing, I somehow misplaced what appears to be the only safety pin in my house.  Leaving me in quite a pickle when it came time to thread the ribbon tie through the top.  Here's a trick I discovered that you can use in place of a safety pin, and I think I might actually use it again...   PIPE CLEANERS!  Of course, I realize not everyone has pipe cleaners in their house, but if you do, give it a try :)

and here's the finished romper!  I added a few rows of off white lace to the top for some decoration, "cause I love me some ruffles!

And here's my awesomely chubby little model!


  1. That is an adorable model (and romper too!)

  2. Adorable! rompers are so cute! great job!

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