Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Photo a Day Challenge complete!

I did it!  Not that I'm surprised I was able to take 31 pictures in one month.  I take an excessive amount of pictures of my kids, it's true.  But I stuck to the themes, and I collected them all nice and pretty!  I wasn't sure how I was going to do it:  check the theme and then purposely find that picture in my day... or just take my normal thousand pictures a day and find one that fit.  So I mixed it up and did both.  :)

Here, for your viewing pleasure:

1.  green lining on my cape
2.  Crying in the Cold
3.  3 princess dress up shoes
4.  my grandmother's meat tenderizer
5.  raina's colorful bathtub water
6.  lamp-posts and windows at the mall
7.  peanut butter cheerios
8.  the birthday girl, taking a breather at the park
9.  starting work on our st. patrick's day shirts!
10.  birthday celebration.  3 lucky years.
11.  LAUNDRY.  Always piles of laundry to fold.
12.  freezer paper shamrocks
13.  Madness!  How is my baby girl sitting up by herself already?!
14.  round is a shape!
15.  me and baby girl, taken by Raina :)
16.  a leprechaun did a rainbow jig on my floor!
17.  Lucky Lucca!
18.  D is for dragon
19.  Raina's new hobby: soccer!
20.  My naptime snack:  cookie dough, coffee, more coffee
21.  fishy pattern, on a dress that got worn one last time
22.  what I see by the night lights... tiny tired feet
23.  dora chutes and ladders
24.  Raina's book shelf
25.  pouring rice
26.  Raina's gadget... she can work the XBox all by herself already...
27.  this robin brought me a homemade gift!
28.  No milk is as good as whole milk in my coffee
29.  beautiful thoughtful 3 year old eyes
30.  corduroy sequin pillow,  extra close-up vision
31.  Walk the Dinosaur :)

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