Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Birthday Bling!

Tomorrow is Miss Raina's THIRD birthday!  She's a princess loving girl right now, so I made her a birthday princess crown to proclaim er new big girl number.  I seriously hope she wears it all day. 

It's made from felt and sequins, held together with some thread and glue.  So simple.  I found a template on the interwebs (searched under "princess crown template"), traced it on felt (Sparkly felt!), then cut around slightly larger on a new color for the basic crown shape.  I stuck in a piece of elastic sandwiched in some bias tape for the back, then sewed around the whole thing.  Some of my stitching around the top circle-like parts is a little wonky, but I don't mind :)  It's decorated with felt hearts, and since I love you I'll tell you that they were pre-cut felt shapes.  No work for me!  I did hand-cut the big number 3 emblem in the center, though :)  I attached the felt decorations with hot glue, then added some sequins for some extra pizzaz.  Ta-da!

cut out and pinned in place

pre-cut felt hearts!

you can really see the sparkles in this one - love!

elastic sandwiched in bias tape

THREE bling!!

I like how it looks nice and ruffly!

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