Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Covert Robin

the covert robin button

Like I said before, group activities.  This is the third in one month.  Who AM I?  This time around, I've joined myself up in this super fun crafty swap.  It's a round robin type dealy... the person I'm sending a handmade craft to is not my partner, they're sending a craft to someone else, who's sending one to someone else... you get the picture.  

I'm really excited about this, and excited to see what comes my way!  Unfortunately, I'm also a bit stumped.  I've visited my partner's blog quite a few times now... read it and reread... and I have just a few ideas of what to make, but nothing that really excites me.  My "specialty" (I guess!) is crafts for kids... and I'm not sure that would work for this crafty lady :)  Since I don't want to give it away if anyone reads this, that's all I can say!  I've been combing Pinterest, getting inspired, trying to get an idea that makes me sit up and say, "Yeah!  That's IT!"

I have until the end of March to get something sent out... any thoughts?

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