Friday, March 23, 2012

All it's chalked up to be...

 I thought I was over colored hair.  Turns out I was wrong.  Oh boy, I was wrong.....

When I first saw the pins popping up on Pinterest about how to dye your hair with chalk, I skipped past them.  But then I started seeing more and more pictures.  And I found myself thinking, "GOSH!  That is CUTE!"  So today during naptime... the color fairies visited.  And then they visited Lucca.  And then Raina.  Muahahahaha.

I used this chalk, which has been in my art supplies forEVER.  Or at least 10 years.  College class art supply list... bought it, loved it, we never touched them.  Now they are loved.

1.  Wet hair.

2.  Hold hair in palm of hand, and rub chalk into hair, pressing against hand and making a downward motion.  You will create a pool of pigment in your palm, basically, and use it to help saturate your hair with color.

3.  What it looks like wet

4.  what it looks like dry!  (You should heat set the color for best results!  Some recommend a flat iron, but we don't have one and I don't think Raina would let me near her head with it even if we did!  So I held mine taught and blasted it with the blowdryer.  Raina's just air dried, because she has always hated the blow dryer.  I sprayed mine with hairspray, too... but again... not Raina's!)

Where the heck was this when I was in high school?!  Back then I had to settle for sticking my head in a pot of boiling kool-aid!  (for serious)  Or saving up babysitting money for my beloved bottles of Manic Panic.  Also, I kind of wish I had done it before playgroup instead of after... I love to turn heads at the tot lot!  :) 

i took all of these selfies with a baby on my hip!

this is before i brushed it.  it looked better after a brush.

i am pretty anti-self portrait, and anti-pictures of me on the blog.  but for this, I'll make and exception!

So, questions?  Here would be some of mine:

How long did it last?  Until it was washed out.  I even slept with mine in and only a tiny bit rubbed off on my pillowcase.  Raina took a bath a few hours later and it washed out easily, without making much of a mess in the tub!  Lucca's faux-hawk rubbed off quickly, but her scalp stayed purple-tinged for longer than I'd like to admit :). 

Did it rub off on things?  Mine?  No.  Raina's?  ...yeah.  There was red on her cheek and forehead, and on the princess dresses she slipped on over it.  I attribute that to the fact that hers was not heat set or hair sprayed, that she never ever sits still, and that I used a lot of chalk on her hair to make it bright bright red like Ariel's (The Little Mermaid)

Will I do it again?  Ab.So.Lutely.  And my hubby thinks I should, too!  He thinks the purple streak should become a regular occurance, much to my surprise!  (Have I ever mentioned that on the night I met him I was wearing a hot pink wig?)  I'll do it to my kids again, too.  Rainbow has already decided that we'll do rainbows in our hair next time.  She is so my kid. 

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  1. I bet your daughter LOVED it!! What a creative, fun activity =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF. See you tomorrow,
    Beth =-)