Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Glitter Shoes!

Modge Podge reminds me of Sunday School.  Of modge podge-ing decorative napkins onto... things.  I honestly don't remember what we attached them to, or what they were in the end... but I remember the modge podge.  I haven't used it in a while, but I have been ITCHING to do glitter shoes.  So bad.  I love glitter.  Glitter loves me.  We are in big, deep, love.

So I got me some modge podge.  And some cheapo but still small and fine pretty glitter.  I walked around JoAnn fabric, touching things, like I do, and then I got to clearance land.  The Martha Stewart big glitter package was on clearance.  Half off.  HALF OFF!  So I bought two.  Duh.  Sorry husband.  I can't be trusted in craft supply stores.  But half off!  Okay, anyway.

Raina has two pairs of fancy white dress up shoes.  Cute, but really, she has no place to wear even one pair of pretty white dress up shoes, so one of them was destined to become GLITTERFIED!  Yep, I just made a new word.

When I started these shoes, the convo with husband was this:
"It's 10 o'clock.  Is it too late to start a project?"
"What is it?"
"It's going to sound crazy to you.  But I think it sounds like the best thing ever.  I'm going to mix glitter and modge podge and paint Raina's white shoes."
(sigh) "Go start it.  But leave my shoes alone!"


Supplies:  Modge podge, glitter, old shoes, brush, cup.

Mix glitter into modge podge in a cup.  The more glitter you add, the more glitter you will have on your shoes.  Here's how my internal conversation went with that:

"Glitter!  We must have all the glitter!  Glittery shoes win SO big!"
"But the glitter, we must save and ration the glitter!  We must hug it and say hi to it and save it forever!"
"Allison, you bought the glitter for THIS PROJECT.  Use the whole tube! You bought two of these glitter packs!  Use it all!  ALL!"
"Okay.  I'll use half of it."
(two minute later)
"Must.  Add.  More.  Glitter!"
(two  minutes later)
(two minutes later)

Um, yeah.  Glitter turns me into a slightly crazy person.  But the moral of the story is, use lots of glitter!  All the glitter!  The shinier these shoes are, the prettier they are, for realz.

Paint the shoes with a thin layer of your mix.  Be careful on buckles, shoelace holes, velcro, etc.  Go around, clean up as you go - it's definitely easier when it's wet!  Let each layer dry (this part is so hard!), and just keep adding layers until your shoes are sufficiently glittery!

one coat...

two coats...

4ish coats...
6 lovely sparkly coats of glitter!  muahahaha!

They look like Wizard of Oz shoes.  I'm cool with that, though it was not my intention.  I have loads of glitter and a giant bottle of modge podge.  Trying to decide of orange or turquoise is next...  Hrmmm...

I have a pair of scuffed up flats I think I'll tackle next.  I am NEVER too old for sparkly shoes!

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