Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rainbow pillow... abandoned but not forgotten...

A while back, i found this pretty pillow out on blogland.  My first thought was, "I must make this!"  I started pretty much right away.  Luckily, I had just (finally) hemmed my living room curtains, and had plenty of this neutral colored, medium weight fabric hanging around!

Unfortunately I had no ribbon.  Ha!  That's a big lie and we all know it :)  I had plenty of ribbon, obvi.  I cut rainbow bits from all the right colors, and laid out a rainbow on the fabric.  I also had a roll of iron on hem tape (because when I said I emmed my curtains, I meant I iron hemmed them!), so I cut pieces that fit under the ribbons and fit them all under the ribbons.  Yay!  Or so I thought, but more on that in a second....

Now, I'm not a big embroiderer, but I'm pretty proud of this cloud.  It's just craft store felt, but the glittery kind.  Pretty!  I wrote thewords on first with a disappearing ink pen, then embroidered over it with black and silver.

And then things got messy.

I followed the instructions on the iron on tape, but didn't even think that - DUH - the pieces of hem tape were wider than the ribbon!!!  So when I went to pull off the damp red towel I was using as a press cloth.... it was STUCK.  I fought back and ripped it offas carefully as I could, but as you can see, the redf uzz is everywhere.  I use wonder-under all the time, so this mistake was a total brain fart.  Also, because i had to work so hard to pull the towel off, many of theribbons shifted and pulled off.  UGH.

So i put it away.  And there it has sat for months, though i would ocasionally pull it out and sigh.

I finally decided yesterday that I'd sew over each color stripe with matching thread to secure the ribbons, then toss it in the wash to see what would happen.  Otherwise I start the rainbow over.  So that's where I am now.  rainbow sewn, pillow in washer, me waiting nervously for the result...  I'll keep you posted. 

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