Thursday, March 8, 2012


HAPPY that my Raina is celebrating a big day!

HAPPY about all these little things.

1. ballerina feet, in the blocks
2. big juicy orange slices
3. raina.  almost 3.  daddy's face.
4. a rainbow of ribbons fluttering in the breeze
5. chocolate bunny. yum.
6. the winkel
7. little girl-made necklace
8. lucca's first robeez
9. this face, finally not crying
10. peanut butter cheerios
11. this face, even when it is crying
12. birthday crown, finished just in time
13. snow white, vanna white-ing the cupcakes
14. recycled crayons
15. bathtub painting
16. this silly sheep with 4 front legs

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