Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Felt flower love

****I've been working on this (incredibly super long and picture-heavy) post for a while now, so if anything seems weird or out-dated, it's because it is :)!  Also, I keep editing, and I've just come to the realization that I'm never going to be satisfied with this 100%... so time to post as is! ****

Ribbon hairbows are pretty, but sometimes you need to mix things up a little.  I bought myself a pile of bright felt and went to town with it!

For the flower patterns I went online and printed off a bunch of templates and black and white drawings of simple flower shapes.  I re-sized some and printed again so I could vary flower sizes and petal sizes.  I also looked at Pinterest for some inspiration, and found TONS of tutorials and patterns.  What did I do before Pinterest? Also, google "felt flower template" and you'll get 101 awesome results.  (And then do a google image search just for "felt," which I did at first by mistake.  SO many cool ideas!)

raina helped with this one!

So, I pinned the tiny (since my flowers are for little girl heads, I kept them small.  You could keep them big if they're for bigger heads!) cut out flower patterns to the felt, and cut around them with sharp scissors.  Some flowers were trickier than others, and I wasn't always exact with cutting.  I used a mix of sewing, fabric glue, tacky glue, and hot glue when assembling/holding together the flower pieces, depending on the design. 

Some of the tutorials I found were more successful than others.  Some were labor intensive, to the point that it just wasn't really worth it.

LOVE these flowers, but they are a lot of work!  You gather each petal individually, then roll and sew the entire thing. 

Beautiful, and painstaking to cut each of these tiny petals!

Some ended up looking like brains!

 Some I love, some I don't.  Those will probably be the ones Raina likes best!

cute from the top...
too tall on the side!

just asking for a button center!

I made a Pinterest board with some ideas/inspiration/tutorials.  You can find it here: Felt Flower Idea Board

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