Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rawr! Rainbowsauraus Rex Hoodies

Hoodies are awesome, but sometimes you just need to fancy them up a bit, you know?  

Most of the time I add ruffles to things.  But my girls have lots of ruffles.  I wanted something fun and silly and cute.  DINOSAURS!  Not always the words picked to describe them, but translated through felt and cute little hoods, I knew they would fit the bill!

First I grabbed two hoods from upstairs, one for each girl.  Lucca's is gray, Raina's is light green.  Today when I was doing the laundry I came across a red hood of Lucca's and I am so templted to do this again!  Maybe a gift?  Hm.

Next step, felt.  I happen to have a box full of it, so we went rainbow.  You could also stick with just one color.  Fold the felt in half, and cut a triangle on the fold.  I kind of guessed on the size, looking at the hood and cutting what seemed like an appropriately sized spike.  I ended up having to trim them all down smaller so that I could fit on more colors.  The smart thing to do would probably be to measure from the edge of the hood to the bottom of the back, then divide by how many spikes you want to figure out how long the base of each should be.  Math.  Or, you can just go for it and adjust as necessary!  :)

Once you've got a bunch of colorful diamonds, arrange them in order of how you want them to be pinned.  Find the center, and line up the side points on that center.  I was moderately precise, and it worked out well.  I just kept folding the fabric in half as I went... I'm sure it's a little off, but it looks perfect to met!  

Once they are all pinned on, sew a line down the center.

Then fold all spikes back up together and pin.  Each spike will be double thickness, giving it more stability.  Sew the spikes closed.  I matched thread to spike, but I thought about doing the whole thing one color.  If I had had silver thread I may have done them all one color, but I'm really happy with the way it turned out!  

And that's it!

You could stop there, but I added some extra RAWR!  I have a pile of scrap fabric already fused onto wonder under that makes itself useful from time to time.  (They're scraps from personalizing my taggie blankets!)  I cut some letters from the scraps and ironed "rAWr" onto each hoodie.  Exactly the finishing touch I was looking for!  

(Hoodies, dino-style)

And now for the best part... the dinos themsleves!  Here we have the elusive Lucca-dactyl and Raina-saurus in their natural habitat.  Rarely seen creatures!  

dino kisses

dino hugs

counting sister's spikes


seriously cute.  OMG.


  1. Owen needs one! I so wish I was as crafty as you! They came out BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. Super cute! And somewhat easy! The combination I just love!

  3. Way too cute! I had to click on this because I did a whole bunch of rainbow fun with my boys who just happen to be crazy about Dino's! The posts were up this week at in case you'd like to carry on the rainbow theme!

    1. awesome! i'm definitely borrowing some of your ideas - thanks :)!

  4. This is so adorable! I pinned it - hoping to remember to make these for Birthday gifts for my little ones. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. These are so cute, and fun. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Really cute--and the letters add a perfect touch!

  7. So cute!! I love them!! I definitely want to give this a try. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday! Hope you will join us again this week!

  8. Just want to let you know I will be featuring you this week!

  9. these are so unbelievably cool, well done you and I might just have to make some for my kids :-) x

  10. Oh my goodness these are super cute! I would like to invite you to share these, and any other posts, at my link party at Have a great week.


  11. I uh... I need to make one of these for me. <3

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