Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guest post! Tara from girl like the sea

Hey everyone!  I'm so happy to be posting the first ever guest post on my blog!  This little guest post swap is a result of the Covert Robin...  which I am so glad I participated in!  First of all, it showed me that I can make more than baby and kid things, and second, it introduced me to Tara, and her fabulous blog girl like the sea.  So often I find myself nodding and laughing when I read what her little girls have been up to...  eating dirt?  check.    Being secret break dancers due to lack of too much energy in that little body?  check.  Enjoying their treasure pocket pants?  Half check.  Mine are mostly done.  :)  Enough of me, though... here's what Tara has to say!

* * *

Hi! I'm Tara from girl like the sea. I am a mommy of two crazy little girls (1.5 yrs and 3 yrs), have been happily married and living in Virginia for almost 7 years now, and a relatively recent convert to this sewing/crafting world. From what Allison has told me, we can definitely relate on our stage of life right now since our girls are similar ages and very active! Since I like having faces to go with words, here are a couple of shots of my little family
Clover is my oldest, and Violet the youngest. They are 18 months apart and constantly fighting! I met my husband Tim on a U2 fan site when I was 18 and he was 31. We got married within months of meeting one another in person, and have been happily married since 2005.  
Since Allison already did a great job of giving the lowdown on the gifts I got to send her, I thought I would just share some of my resources for the little projects. Originally I was going on include the photos I took of them before sending them off, but I literally cannot find the images on my hard drive! Here is a link to the blog post I did about them though: Covert Robin Gifts
The handled mug sleeve I made was from a tutorial on luvinthemommyhood (one of my favorite blogs!) and should be linked through the pinterest picture above. I just love how knitted yarn feels! 
The non handled cup sleeve I made was indirectly also from luvinthemommyhood, but through a link to nook. This one was knitted in the round on double pointed needles.
The little hot pad was sort of an experiment, to be totally honest. Ha! I wasn't sure it was going to turn out, and if it didn't I was going to figure something else out. This was my first zig zag quilting experiment. The fabrics were some of my faves - 
It really blessed my heart to know that the gifts were something that Allison would be able to enjoy. I'm so glad she ended up being my recipient! 

* * *

Thanks so much, Tara!  Looking forward to reading more about your adventures in sewing and being mom!   


  1. they look great!!! thanks for participating, both of you :)