Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Alphabet Bag

One of Raina's favorite items I've made her is this set of alphabet rocks:

It's a set of rocks from the dollar store (or you could find some in your yard, but I went the easy peasy route!) that I wrote uppercase letters on using a white paint pen.  Ingenious.  (Looks like the rocks actually need a fresh coat... they are well loved!)

We love to use these nerdy kid flashcards with them

to play a letter matching game like so...

The problems is, these rocks have no real home in our home.  You can imagine the problem this creates.  "Y is MISSING!  Where is Y?!"  (That's Raina speaking btw, not me :)!)

So I made them a home.  I got this lovely fabric at a craft fair... I only had a fat quarter and wasn't sure what to do with it, but this bag kind of begged for this fabric to be used!

It's a pretty straightforward drawstring pouch, but here are a few pictures from my "just go with it" process!

And in the end, I have a cute little bag that holds the rocks and flashcards nice and neat.  If only I could make a drawstring pouch big enough to hold all  my laundry!


  1. I love that whole deal ... the bag, the rocks, the flash cards. I'd like to make something like that for my little one. I'm pinning it!

  2. Had to pop back in to let you know that I featured this fun idea on my blog today!

  3. Cute..I love that the fabric has the alphabet on it. And great idea with the rocks, little one loves rocks too :) Thanks for sharing this with us at Sharing Saturday. hope to see you again next time.

  4. Just letting you know that I featured this at Sharing Saturday this week :)