Friday, April 13, 2012

Pretty bibbies are not meant to last.

Yet, I can't help but make some :)  

They're all made from fat quarters on the front -  large piece for the main background, and details cut from coordinating fabrics.  The backs are made from soft white dishtowels.  Nice and absorbent for all those baby dribbles!

I love this bright butterfly bib!  As you may recall, I'm a bit obsessed with this orange butterfly fabric :)

decorated with a piece of wide yellow ric rac...

a pink butterfly...

and a yellow butterfly!

this one is a leaf pattern with a tree and flower

i hand embroidered around the pieces
embroidered around a few leaves...
and embroidered a heart on the tree.

this squirrel one is cute, even though I didn't try very hard when I was sewing around the squirrel, obviously!  :)

the leaves are cut our from a fat quarter that is printed with different colored leaves...
I love how it looks like the squirrel is letting the leaves blow up into the wind like balloons!

I sewed snap closures onto the necks of each bib - my first time with snaps and it was so easy, I can't believe I shied away from snaps for so long!!

These are pretty pre-washed, and after a washing they became so so soft.  Miss Lucca is a droll queen and quite the spitter-upper, so she goes through a fair number of bibs during the day.  Most of them are pastel and pink... not these!!

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  1. I love those!! looks like I have a new project in the near future :)