Sunday, April 15, 2012

A craft gift FOR ME! (and my mug collection makes an appearance)

I got my covert robin gift in the mail a few weeks ago - woohoo!!  The lovely sender, Tara from Girl Like the Sea (a new favorite blog, btw) sent me these handmade goodies:

Coffe and tea accessories!  Did she read me well, or what?  Lately, Lucca has decided that sleeping is optional...  meaning that caffeine is an essential part of my morning... er, day.  I drink warm caffeinated beverages all day long when we are at home (those are some of my favorites below!).  These will get some heavy use in this house!

my favorite things to fill the coffee cups with!

close up of the pretty fabric!

Warm and cozy cup!

and a peek under the cozy!

Yup, it really says that!  :)

This mug is a favorite of mine.  It was always in our cupboard when I was growing up (for post snow day hot chocolate!), and now I'm happy it's found it's way to mine!

Here are some other shots from my much-loved mug collection...

L: blue and white floral pattern, came from my hubby's bachelor cupboard!
R:  Stitch!  It says "I hate mornings!" While I don't hate mornings, I DO hate cups that hold less than a full galon of coffee at a time!  :)  This cup is huge.  

The Toymaker mug.  A mug I snagged from my grandparen't's house...  it held milk well when I was younger, and it holds tea for me now just as happily!  There are some serious memories in this cup.

Some mugs from my stinit as a resident in southern California!  L: monster mug from Starbucks.  A birthday gift, and my favorite mug ever.  R:  Fun mug from Disneyland,  I like that it is basically a bowl with a handle!

Monster mug boo-boo!  Sustained while traveling back to the east coast in a UHaul attached to a Jeep!

Hunny's mugs.  If there is tomato soup in the house, it is most likely in the polka dot mug!  

i found these at a thrift store ages ago... they ae a cute tiny size, and have unofficially become Raina's "hot chocky" cups!

pretty gift from my seester from Anthropologie!

I love this secret butterfly

If you have a minute, check out Tara's blog... you'll be glad you did!  I'm thinking of asking her to start sewing my cildrens' clothes... we have the same taste in fabric and patterns, but she appears to have more time to actually finish the projects!!  :)


  1. Yay! I'm glad you like everything, and that it's useful for you. Good luck having me sew your kids' clothes though. Haha. It takes me forever to finish anything these days!

    I need to stop being lazy and write up a quick guest post for you. Actually, can you send me your email address so I can send you the html for it when I get it ready? here is my address

    1. hahaha, okay, you're off the hook! I'll get to the sailboat pants and treasure pocket pants some day!

      I'll email you right now so you can send me the guest post! :)