Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dipes and wipes for Dolly

OR more accurately, dipes and wipes for meow!  Meow is a funny little kitty cat.  Meow enjoys wearing diapers.  Unfortunately, Meow enjoys wearing baby Lucca's diapers, and those diapers aren't free!  Now, Meow has a fancy diaper wardrobe all his own!  And if Meow feels like sharing, baby Olivia can cover up a little bit, too!

These diapers were a bit of an experiment.  I sort of followed this tutorial  doll diapers, but I changed it around a little to make the tabs longer and to make the crotch area a bit narrower.  I also used velcro across the entire front of the diaper to make them more adjustable.

They were a VERY quick and easy project!  The lining is pink flannel and is a repurposed receiving blanket.  The outsides are flannels I had on hand that would normally go to bonnet-making... but the season for flannel bonnets is coming to an end!  (And I'm pretty happy about that!  C'mon Spring!)

I DID make diapers out of all of these fabrics, despite the fact that only the blue and yellow ones are pictures here :)  We are away for a few days at my mom's house, though, and those are the only two that made the trip with us!

They were pinned, right sides together, sewed almost all the way around, and turned right side out.  I had to poke a knitting needle up inside to get the corners turned.  Then I topstitched all the way around, and decided to have a little fun with it!  I used purple thread to contrast with the fabrics, and also because it is currently Raina's favorite color.  I also took the opportunity to use some of the fancy stitches on my machine.  I need to use them more often!  (Actually, a couple of ideas popped into my head while I was making these... maybe I'll find some time to make them next week!)

love this stitch!  I definitely need to use this one more!

After the stitching was all done, I cut some velcro to make closures.  The loop (soft side) is on the front of the diaper in one long strip.  The hook (rough side) is sewed onto the inner tabs in one-ish inch strips.  Both were machine stitched on.

And that's it!  They look super cute on Meow and Olivia, and comfy, too!

However, no set of diapers is complete without some wipies, too!  I used some of the leftover blanket flannel to cut rounded edge squares, and zig-zagged around the edges.  Couldn't get much easier than that.

This pattern is SO easy to tweak... so if your doll or stuffed animal of choice is larger or smaller, play around with it a bit and I'm sure you'll find the fit that's right for you!

As hard as I tried, I could not get iPhoto to recognize that I flipped this picture.  Every time I added it to Blogger, it was sideways again.  Meow in his yellow dipe is too cute to leave out, though :)

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