Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Quilt Comes Home

One of the many treasures uncovered while cleaning out my grandparents home... this quilt.  I started sewing it with my Gram when I was in middle school!  We cut the squares, sewed them together, picked out a back, added some batting and basted the whole thing together.  And it sat like that for 16 years.

Until today!

I opened it all the way up... for the first time in almost 2 decades... and spread it out on my (dark and messy) living room floor.  It's dark because it's naptime, and it's messy because we have 2 kids living here :).  I tempted fate by tiptoe-ing around this sleepy face to spread out and re-pin the sides.  It was successful!  I used to be able to do anything at naptime - make dinner, go down to the basement to do laundry, even sew at my machine with Lucca in the next room.  Now she wakes up if I uncross my legs too quickly!  So lately naptime hasn't been a very productive time for me.  I cut patterns, lay things out, take pictures... but even typing sometimes disturbs her.  Some days I really really really wish I could get some sewing done, or start dinner, or even check the mail... but she wont be a baby forever, and I know I'll miss these sweet days... so I just do what I can :).

 Some fabrics from the 70's. leftovers from when my mom and my aunt sewed their clothes in high school...

 Some from my middle school home-ec class projects...

 Some cut from old clothes...

and a bunch of bright yellow basting stitches, hand sewn across the back.
 Sleeping beauty... thankfully still sleeping!
 Spread out on messy floor in a dark room :)
 Here are some pictures of us lounging and playing on the quilt, which I have sewn together at the edges, but haven't actually quilted yet:

 Self portrait!

The 15 year quilt....

I'm so glad it's finally getting some love!

(I'll update when I do more work on it, pinky swear)

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