Monday, February 28, 2011

Kale, it's what's for dinner!

My crazy aunt (she knows it's true) gave me this yummy recipe last week.
 Normally, it takes me a while to get to recipes.  They sit around for weeks or months or years until I finally try them out.  BUT... since we just git a big bunch of Kale in our farm share box and this recipe has the word "lasagna" in the title, it got moved to the top of the pile.   I started it during naptime, with special help from my good friend Coffee.  We're besties, especially mid-afternoon on a rainy day.  This is my ingredient pile:
You may notice, if you're comparing my picture to the recipe, that I have a rogue yellow pepper sneaking into things.  I thought the recipe could use a little more veggie, and my pepper didn't have many more days left on this earth, so in it went.

Into a saute pan with some chopped up garlic (I love my cuisunart chopper!), left to simmer for waaay longer than the recipe says (15 seconds??), because garlic deserves to be treated well.  Can you smell it?  

We pretty much followed the instructions after that...   with one exception.  Even though the recipe says to use 6 lasagna noodles, using 2 noodles per layer, that just didn't seems right to me.  I used the size pan that the recipe calls for, and decided that 9 noodles really worked better.  We don't have many pictures of the layering... mainly because it's hard to layer a lasagna and take pictures while carrying your apprentice on your hip.  We did get this one, which shows that some tiny teeth decided to taste-test the noodles to make sure they were worthy of such a yummy dish...

The recipe says to bake for 40 minutes, until the cheese on top is meted and the lasagna is bubbly.  I forgot to turn on my timer, but by the time I thought to check on it, it met both criteria, and had some lovely crispy edges.  Perfect!

Hubby was excited.  Here's his plate... 

He, of course, wanted the piece in the middle.  I told him that seriously affected my chances of getting out in good enough shape to be photographed, but hubby wouldn't be swayed.  It came out relatively unharmed in the end.  I got the crispy corner.  We like lasagna the same way we like brownies, it seems. :)

Ten minutes later...

We both had seconds.  It was declared delish, with the goat cheese and red pepper flakes adding surprising layers of flavor and kick.  We'd definitely make this one again, and would keep the yellow peppers, too!

Raina ate two bananas for dinner.

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