Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kitty Biscuits

Raina loves all things MEOW.  So when we decided that what this snowy day needed was a cooking project, out came the cat shaped cookie cutter.  I think it *may* be intended for Halloween, but in this house, we welcome any kitty, any day.  Except living, breathing ones.  But that's another story.  We made a flour-y delicious mess... and have the tights to prove it!

Please don't judge Miss Raina's outfit... she is fresh from an hour at the sink with bubbles and food coloring, hence the pinkish onesie (though I can't remember why it's unbottoned...?), and she wears tights every day to stop her from scratching.  Thanks, excema, I needed something else to stay on top of!  Anyway, the kitty biscuits were delish with butter and Nana's Homemade strawberry jam!  Maybe there'll be some left when Daddy gets home from work!

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