Thursday, February 24, 2011

Did somebody say... more hairbows?!

I've been at it again.  The dowels.  The clothespins.  The hot glue...

Yep, more bows!  I've been trying out some new styles, as seen on the right.  Also new to the bow box...

bzzzz!  Look who's flying in for spring!

I've been meaning to try out some "sculptured" bows...  the bee has been pretty successful, and there are some butterflies in beginning stages on my work table, too.  

These bows look pretty cute in my kid's hair, really cute if you ask me.  But what I'd love, what I would really really really love... is to see them look cute on someone else's kid, too!  I've amassed quite a collection of bows since I started hoarding ribbon and baking sheets for my newest hobby... it's be nice to be able to sell them somewhere.  Anyone have any thoughts?  I put together an Etsy shop, but so far I've got no looks, no likes, no nuthin.  As much as I love Etsy, it's so easy for shops to get lost in it.  I used to have a jewelry shop on Etsy, and I had the same trouble with that one.  A few pieces sold here and there, but mostly I felt like I just kept paying fees to list and relist, and it was getting me nowhere.  So do you know and shops?  Any fairs?  Anything that can point me in the right direction?  Drop me a comment, let me know!  Thanks!

(cuteness, in action.)

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