Tuesday, February 22, 2011


For a looooooooong time, this project from Samster Mommy has been on my crafty "To Do" list:  http://samstermommy.blogspot.com/2009/07/butterfly-collage.html .  I love butterflies to begin with, and this project looks so bright and happy and springy!  Last week, we had two days of 60 degree weather, and it absolutely gave me SPRING FEVER!  Ever since, I've been dressing Raina in tellow and pink and orange, hoping to lure the spring back out and push this winter away!  This project is another attempt at that :).  Anyway...  it's been bookmarked for well over a year.  Last fall I finally bought the paper punch.  Right before Christmas I sat around one night, ignoring the mountains of wrapping that needed to be done, and punched out hundreds of butterflies from scrapbook paper and magazines.  Still... nothing happened.  Last night, finally...


I am SO happy with the way it came out!  I used a regular, plain old white artists' canvas (much cheaper at Ocean State Job Lot than from an art supply store) and marked out the spots to glue on my beautiful little flutterbies.  Seriously, I think this is the part that has been making me put off the project.  Measuring?  Marking?  No thanks.  I much prefer to just "go for it!"  (something that has landed me in trouble more than once with art projects).  But I did it.  Two rulers, two pencils, and one canvas in hand... I marked out spots in one inch squares.  In retrospect, I wish I hadn't stsrted the markings one inch in and one inch from the side.  It left a border that I would rather not have had, but I guess that's a lesson for next time... and there will be a next time.  I think half an inch in and half an inch down would be better starting points, and then do the one inch markings from then on.  I spread out my butterflies, dotted glue on my pencil marks, and started making my butterflies fly!  On the advice of Samster Mommy, I folded them in half before gluing to give a more 3D effect, and definitely recommed doing so.  There was no real color planning, I just reached in for the next, only making sure there were no repeats next to or on top of each other. 

I think it will look lovely in Raina's room, don't you?  (Just say yes!)  For an accompanying piece, my plan is to give Raina a canvas, glue, and some extra butterflies to see what she comes up with.  Stay tuned!

Oh, if you're wondering... this is the punch I used:  http://www.amazon.com/Martha-Stewart-Punch-Classic-Butterfly/dp/B002BTMVM8 .  Martha Stewart punch, classic butterfly.  I looked for other options, but this one ended up being my favorite, for size, shape, and sturdiness of the punch.  You can usually find craft store coupons that will get you a discount if you buy it in a store.  I'm also dreaming of a project that uses Martha's monarch butterfly punch, also by Samster Mommy (Can you tell I love her blog?!)  http://samstermommy.blogspot.com/2010/07/pottery-barn-butterfly-mobile.html .  I fel in love with the original one from Pottery Barn, but not the price.  Maybe once my butterfly puncher from this project are used up, I'll give that one a try!  Yay butterflies!

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