Monday, February 28, 2011

A lesson in mothering, bribery, and shopping with a toddler.

Today, Raina and I went to Target.  Like any good mama, I told her (as we were walking in the doors) that I'd buy her a toy if she sat nicely in the cart while I did boring things like pick out vitamins and search through the clearance racks for a bathing suit in her size.  Really, she'd be happy if I let her ride up and down the escalator while I shopped, but I'm pretty sure they frown on that.  Anyway, we started out in the dollar section, always a dangerous place.  DOLLAR PLAYDOH!  Score!  I opened the box, handed her a little pink tub, and off we went to vitamins.  Where, of course, the ones I wanted were out of stock.  Target:1 Me: 0.

After a ridiculously long discussion with an employee about why I wanted those particular vitamins, and not one of the other 500 hundred varieties they *did* have in stock (Gummy, on sale.  Really.), we trekked off to bathing suits.  Slim pickings, considering that we are still knee deep in snow here.  I did find 2 cute ones, though… and some kitty pi's… and that ruffle top and pants set I've been daydreaming about… and another kitty shirt.  All on clearance, though, so it's okay.  Right??  Target: 2  Me: 0.

Time to hit the toy aisles.  We played with a little laptop, tested Mickey's dancing abilities, ooh'd and aahd'd over the Barbie dolls.  We said our hellos to the dolls, pulled all the playdoh toys off the shelves, yelled "Moo!" at the little people farm.  We did it all.  By the last aisle, Raina was in the back of the cart with a pretty white Furreal Kitty (she has an older, WELL loved version of the same cat at home), and a large toy horse with accessories.  Both $19.  Then Raina spotted the Thomas the Train section.  "Choo Choooooo!!" she yelled.  I took down an Edward, shiny, wooden, blue, and according to the hanger it was on, $8.99.  Winner!  She got the choochoo, I saved $11.  Back went the other animals, and along came Edward to the registers.  The total was more than I expected, but since we had added in diapers, some aquaphor, and the $1 playdoh, I figured it was probably true and paid up.

We tried to leave then, we really did.  But the Target cafe pizza smelled so good, and I was so hungry.  One pizza please!  I split it in half between us.  And Raina immediately knocked my half on the floor, cheese side down.  All I could find in my bag to replace it was a bag of mixed nuts and some corn chex.  Target: 3 Me: 0.

Back in the car, I strapped Raina in, unboxed Edward, and handed over the beloved choochoo.  As I buckled myself in, I checked my receipt.  All was as expected… until I got to Edward.  $20.99.  $20.99?!  Seriously??  Apparently, he was on the wrong display.  Apparently I should have used a price scanner to check his true cost.  Apparently, you should read your receipt before removing toys from their original packaging and rendering them un-returnable.  Target: 4 Me: 0.

You win, Target.  You win.  Lesson learned.
And you better love that train, kiddo.

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