Sunday, February 27, 2011


I love shoes.  Little shoes, shiny shoes, sparkly shoes.  Shoes.  Recently, I noticed a few pairs of Raina's shoes lined up by the door, and I just couldn't resist taking a picture.

Before I know, her shoes will be much bigger, and these little shoes will be another memory.  Sigh.  She's growing so fast!  

I love shoes with feet in them, too... (and not in a weird and creepy way!)

Cute little fall feet, crunching up leaves.

Shiny, fancy shoes.  (Which the little miss can't stand...)

Party shoes, painted shoes, tiny butterflies.  Does it get any cuter?

When Raina was in daycare, she would frequently look like this by the end of the day.  Life is tough in toddler-land.  (On the left, one sock is missing.  Just one...)

My little fashionista has had quite a shoe wardrobe in her short life!  Her favorites, by far, are these:

My mom, Raina, and I went on a Christmas shopping day-trip back in November, and these shoes came home with us.  Bought in a Christmas music induced haze?  Perhaps?  But the "Who-whooooos," as they are affectionately known around here, are the go to shoes.  Her favorite outfit?  The owl crocs and a fleece scarf.  Too bad they are pretty inappropriate for Boston winters  :).  

New shoes. (Not photographed on model yet!)
(I think it's impossible for me to pass up purple shoes.  Or star shoes.)

Okay, you get the picture.  I love shoes!  Let me just leave you with one last picture... maybe my favorite shoe picture...

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