Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wowie Zowie!

My hairbows are now on sale at a real brick and mortar store!  If you're in the Boston area, check them out at Colorwheel Collection in Roslindale Village!

This amazing local kida store is stocked with adorable kids clothes, toys and accessories, along with some fun arts and crafts supplies.  They are great at building community spirit through events for charities and for both kids and parents alike.  Even if you aren't local, have a look at their website.  A bonus:  Raina came along to my appointment today to meet the owner, which I was a little nervous about.  She was so sweet to her, chatting, giving her toys and crayons to play with, and even playing with Mr. Meow.  

For now, there's a small selection, but with your help, it could get bigger!!  These bows are really cute, and I"m not just saying that because I made them :).  They're great for birthdays, special pictures, or dressing up an every day outfit.  Do you know a little girl who goes to school in uniform?  Hairbows are a great way to add a little individual style and creativity!  These would also be great for cheerleaders, dance recitals, even to top off a gift with a usable bow instead of a throw-away one!

Okay, I'm done selling myself now.  Head on over to Colorwheel Collection!  If you can't get there, check out my Etsy shop!  www.rainasunshine.etsy.com

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