Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cupcake Fail.


Were supposed to be these...

or maybe these...

(I hadn't decided yet)

But thanks to a broken stove, instead of kitty cupcakes, I have a muffin tin in my fridge, filled with what looks like ketchup.  Red Velvet cupcakes that will never reach their true MEOW-tential.  (I love a good pun!)

I was going to be that awesome Mom, and bring the best birthday treats ever to Raina's friends at art class.  Instead, I brought nothing.  So we went out for snack instead... coffee, smoothies, and a delicious carrot-apple muffin.  Raina and her little friend Audrey giggled and played while their mommies got to chat.  So I guess it wasn't a complete fail after all :)

Last year, I dreamed of making these cupcakes for Raina's birthday party...  (Thanks, Martha Stewart, for helping me always aim a little too high!)

This is what the party-goers ended up feasting on...

Not bad, but somehow not *quite* the same.

They were the result of one afternoon of very hard work,  in a very tiny kitchen with a very tiny stove, with Auntie Karen and Mommy trying to bake while Miss Raina had other thoughts.  My husband thought I was crazy when I dipped all of the pretzels individually in white chocolate.  He may have been right.

This year, all I am responsible for bringing to the birthday party is Raina and a cake.  In my mind, I'm makin this:

We'll see how that goes!  And if my stove cooperates...

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