Saturday, March 5, 2011

Did you know...

that I make jewelry?

Mmmhmm, it's not all hairbows and paint cups over here!  Back in the day (ahem, pre-kid) I fancied myself a pretty snazzy jewelry designer.  I used to do craft fairs and sell in boutiques... I even had a website.  Since jewelry findings are a bit of a choking hazard, that part of me has been put to the back burner for a while.


I'm back in a store!  My wonderful hubby, who loves me and loves to promote my hobbies, spoke to a coworker who just happens to, in her spare time, OWN A BOUTIQUE.  And she wants my jewelry, in her shop.  Yay!  Maybe it's time to dust off the pliers again!

The boutique, which is in Cambridge if you're in the Boston area, is mostly a women's consignment shop, but dabbles in jewelry and accessories by local artists.  Just my cup of tea!  I also plan on supplying them with some extras from my closet floor that I've been having a hard time fitting into getting rid of... but that's a story for another day!  

What's that?  You'd like to actually see some of this mythical jewelry??  Oh, okay... twist my arm...

From top to bottom:
1.  Swarovski crystal necklace on gold chain with drop.
2.  Woven bracelets
3.  Rings!  Beaded and "one size fits most."  These rings are awesome.
4.  Earrings with semi pirecious stones
5.  Wish Upon A Star necklace, one of my most favorite pieces ever made

Pretty?  Thanks for looking :)  

I used to have an Etsy shop.  Correction:  I have an inactive jewelry Etsy shop.  As with the bow shop, it just has never gotten any traffic.  So I stopped renewing my listings.  Hopefully, having my preciouses in The Mad Closet will eliminate my need to hem and haw over whether to start it back up again, an urge that shows itself every now and then....

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