Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Break, and some 4th of July dresses

I've been on it :).

It's been a month since my last post.  Ugh.

I've been sewing a lot of things... and finishing no things!  There's just too much summer to enjoy!  Beach time, playgrounds, kiddie amusement parks, boat rides...  no time to stay inside, enforce naptime, and get some crafting done.  I feel a bit scattered, and my sewing table is, uh... embarassing in it;s mountainous state!

Last week, I did manage 2 4th of July outfits for Raina and Lucca...

I can pull off a one afternoon upcycle like nobody's business!

Raina's dress is made from a one-piece romper we got handed down a few days before the 4th.  I showed it to her, used my most excited Mommy voice, waved it around a bit... no go.

"That is not a dress."
"Will you wear it if I make it into a dress???"

So i sliced it, added 2 ruffles, and she was pleased as punch!  (I think she was still more excited about the Tinkerbell PJ pants I found at a thrift store though!)

Lucca's is made from the onesie Raina wore on her first 4th!  It was a *tad* on the waaaaay too tiny side, however, so I gave it the same treatment as Raina's:  Slice, ruffle, ruffle.  The end!

Cutie patooties, patriotic style!

Here's a few more shots from our 4th!

And if I could just ask one thing.... can you send me all your best "get that sewing done!" vibes?  I think my table is about to collapse.  :)

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