Saturday, July 21, 2012


Because I have lots of free time (bahahahahahahahaha!), I offered to make some custom yellow pants for a little girl who loves yellow!  Looooves yellow.  Really, the offer was honest and I offered because I love sewing cute pants, and I love the idea of sewing a collection of yellow pants.  At this point, I've made so many dresses for Raina that I feel like I should take a break before her closet starts fighting back at me with those tiny pink hangers... so a new little person to sew some things up for was just what the sewing machine ordered!

I had a brain flood of one million yellow two legged ideas.  Pockets.  Treasure pockets!  Appliques. Ruffles.  More ruffles!  Does she like ruffles?  Do I finally have an "excuse" to buy the Oliver and S Sailboat Pants pattern?!  Cuffs.  Pockets.  Must look through stash.  Must go to fabric store.  So much fun!  I love sewing pants!

I did not buy the Sailboat Pants pattern.  Boo, I know.  I decided that the patterns and pants sewing knowledge I already had were enough for now.  The Sailboat Pants require button holes, something I'm still not confident with, and this was not the time to be messing around with button holes.  (It was a time for RUFFLES!)  But I did manage pockets, a faux fly, a button loop, cuffs, a matching top, polka dots, and did I mention ruffles?  Man, I hope she likes ruffles :)

Wait, you want to see whole pants, not just pieces of pants?  Right then.

Outfit #1 is a shirt and pants SET.  What?!  Yeah, I did that.  They're made from a citrus-y cute lemon and orange print, yellow cotton, and yellow polka dot.    I scalloped the bottoms of the pant legs and the shirt, because I've always wanted to do that.  So I did.  I can check that off my sewing bucket list now! My intent was actually for the top to be totally reversible, but that didn't happen.  Way more hand sewing than I was looking for.  Plus, I wasn't sure how to handle the back button closure with it being reversible, so it's a one way shirt :).  Making it just one side also allowed me to add a cute pleat at the top with a little yellow button.

The pants can be worn solid yellow, or folded up with a cuff so you can see the citrus print lining!

 Pant #2 is a print smorgasbord!  I used all the yellow prints I had on hand - the one I had the most of became the legs of the pants, and the others I patchworked to make ruffles for the bottoms of the legs.

Pant #3 is another pair of my beloved treasure pocket pants!  These pants are rad, and you're probably going to see them again and again!  The front and back panels are solid yellow, and all contrasting areas are yellow and white polka dot.  There's a fun yellow button decorating the faux fly waist.

And pant #4... ruffle pants!  Super easy.  I made Raina a purple pair that she loves.  The fabric is stretchy and so comfortable.  It's a little tricky to sew them, since you have to be sure all the ruffles are laying flat as you go.  Otherwise, they get pulled into the seams randomly and you end up with some wonkiness.  The nature of the fabric makes the waistband look a little wacky, too.  I suppose you could create a separate waistband from a jersey or cotton fabric.... but I didn't think of that til it was too late!  :)


And THEN, because I noticed I had some fun and random yellow things around, I thought I'd make it all a little more fun.  A while ago, I read a post on a blog about a girl whose imaginary friend sent her a package with notes and trinkets from his travels, and how incredibly awesome it was for her to get it.  I must have stored that away somewhere, because it all came back to me... and I thought, "Wouldn't be awesome if this little lady received a surprise package of happy yellow goodness in the mail?"  YES.  It would.  (I have no memory of which of the many blogs I read this was from.  Anyone?)  Out came the paper and stickers and glitter and felt and ribbon... and I added all this fun to the mix:

A package from the yellow fairy.  How cool is that?  I hope it makes her little day!


  1. You are awesome. I'm so proud you're my best friend.

    1. Thank you!!!! That made me tear up a little :) And it makes me miss you even more. YELLOW!!!!