Friday, July 20, 2012

Sailing Away

My seester saw my pretty blouses (this one and this one) and let me know it was time to make one for her, asap.  Sailboats, red and blue, polka dots, nautical buttons... those were the orders.  Before she had even finished her sentence, the shirt was made in my head.

You had me at "sailboats."

Ya see... one of the aprons of Gigi's I'd been holding on to... well... it was red, and blue... and sailboat patterned.  Perfect.  So my seester, she got herself her very own Gigi blouse!

I feel like I'm kind of a pro at this pattern now.  If you haven't made one yet, you totally should.  It's such a quick one to put together, and the result is really nice.  If you just hold it up, the finished blouse has a tendency to look a bit like a sack... but once you put it on, it hangs nicely and, to quote Raina, "It is so soft and cozy!"  :)

To mix things up, I tried my hand at cap sleeves... and although I'd like to try a non-poof version some time, I think the cap sleeve was successful.

I'm pretty excited about the double stitching on the edge.  I was careful to sew straight across the white spots, because of course, if a mistake was going to happen, it would be on the most obvious location!


The buttons were what held up the finishing, if you can believe it!  I tried for an anchor button, but short of ordering one online that cost as much to ship as the button itself, I was batting zero.  By some stroke of luck, I found these tiny sailboat treasures at JoAnn fabric while I was playing there one day!

I love this fabric.  This particular apron was one I had pulled out to look at quite a few times, wondering what project would really have me ready to cut into it.  I considered a dress for Lucca, I considered another shirt for myself.  I am so glad I saved it for seester.

She got to keep the pockets:

I got to add some fabulous bright red dot for the top:

my topstitching came out awesomely awesome:

Each one of these aprons seems to be finding it's own special way to live on.  I'm sending this one off to my bestest sis with memories of roller skates and Roy!

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