Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Liebster You this much!

I think I was supposed to write this post a lot more quickly than I actually did :)  In my own defense... it has been WRITTEN for a few days now... but the text ended up all mixed up somehow, and when I attempted to fix it, I unlinked all the links.  And there are a lot of links in this post.  So I had to go back through, find the lins, and re-link all the un-linked links.  So they would link again.  Because they were un-linked.  Link link link.  Have I said it enough?

But I digress....

A little while back (let's not do the math!) My friend Jen passed on the super-dee-duper small blog award... The Liebster Award to me! No lie, it made my day.  I think what I wrote on her Facebook wall was something along the lines of, "You win the 'my favorite person of the day award!  Woohoo!!'" I've seen a few bloggers get this over the past few months, and I kept wondering if it would ever find it's way over to me. And now, thanks to my fellow sewing addict Jen, it has!

Random fact:  The German word for love is Liebe.  I took German for 5 years, and spent 3 weeks there my senior year of high school.  Most of my friends (all the awesome ones, anyway) also took German, so we spoke it out of class as much as we spoke it in class.  So the fact that the name of this award appears to originate from a German word makes it even more appealing to me.

Wait.  Did I go off track again?  Let's blame it on lack of sleep.  :)

Here's the deal with the Liebster award:

1) Thank the person who gave you the award and link to their blog.

2) Choose 3 – 5 blogs with less than 200 followers and pass it on.

3) Display the Liebster Award on your blog somewhere.

So here I go....  Liebstering away!

1. I was Liebstered (I feel dirty writing that, but I swear it was completely platonic!) by Jen at Sew Frustrating! I've known Jen for so many years that it seems like it just can't be actually possible. I'm not really that old, am I? We were actual letter writing pen pals back in high school - we used pens and envelopes and stamps and sent things at the POST OFFICE! :) My sophomore year of high school, my best friend and I somehow convinced our parents that we should be allowed to take the train 2 states away to visit Jen for a week, and stay at the house of people we had never met. Ah, the good old days. Now, thanks to the amazing internets, we have been able to stay in touch when we probably wouldn't have otherwise, and have both developed a healthy (ha!) addiction to sewing. Once upon a time we talked about boys and beanie babies, now we threaten pattern makers who force us to understitch our pockets! Jen has been chronicling an amazing Breyna costume on her blog that inspires me to tackle things more complicated than I think I can do! Really, it's awesome work. I also love seeing her latest and greatest PJ pants! When all else fails, make some pants!

2. A lot of the blogs I'm a devoted reader of have well over 200 followers. A few have uner 200, but I know they've gotten the Liebster already. So without further delay, here are 3 amazing blogging gals who have no idea I read every post, but totally deserve this award:

Kate's Stopping Spree

The premise of this blog: A woman who loves loves loves to shop decides to take on the challnge of going an entire year only purchasing essentials. I first came across this blog in February... and after reading her (at the time) most recent post, I went back to the first one and read it all from the beginning. My husband wishes I was doing this. Heck, *I* wish i was doing this. I like to shop... a little too much. It's my go to activity when I get some time to myself... but I definitely don't always need to be doing it.  Here's a link to Kate's first post, where she outlines the why part of the stopping spree... a post I can totally relate to...

Painted Butterfly Studio

I first found Julie's blog by way of her etsy shop. Super cute sppliqued tees, and some gorgeous little dresses. On her blog, she shares snippets of her life with kids - 3 pretty darn adorable ones - with her lucky readers. I've loved watching the nursery projects she's been working on this past year - this quilt especially!  Craft projects and cute pictures of babies?  I just can't get enough of either, so it's no surprise I love seeing a new post come up from Painted Butterfly!

Crissybell's Musings

This blog is full of Oliver & S goodness. That makes me happy in that I get inspiration to try different patterns, different color combos, different fabrics. I haven't actually used most of these patterns myself, but someday I will :). Some of my faves:
Ombre Ice Cream Dress
polka dot family reunion dress, ladies... how does it feel to be written about by someone you don't know? It was a little strange to write those, knowing that they would be read by the bloggers themselves! (Probably. I hope. Please?)

3. Button! It's over there on the right somewhere! Woohoo!!

And, because I feel weird writing a post with NO PICTURES... here are a few pictures of my cutie pie daughters:

Sister love, face paint, naps at the fair.  HAPPY.

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  1. Wow, Allison thank you so much! It's sweet to know that there is someone (other than some close friends and my Mom) that actually read and enjoy my blog. Makes the late nights and all the photo editing worth it!! Thanks for the smile :) I needed it today.