Thursday, June 14, 2012


I have soooooo many sewing chores to do.  So many projects partially completed.  Blanket orders, dresses, yellow pants, 2 quilts...  it's bad.  My sewing table exploded.

However.... a certain 3 year old was rather insistent that my precious few minutes of daytime sewing should include new pants for her creep-o doll, Olivia.  I resisted, she persisted.  There were tears and there was whining.  I hate whining. (Despite it's almost perpetual existence in my house, or maybe due to it!)  I told her she could help sew!  I gave her some fabric, scissors, and free reign to create!  Still... she wanted PANTS!

So Olivia got some pants.

I used no pattern.  I held up 4 scraggly pieces of fabric, lined them up kinda sorta, and cut out a shape that looked like a pants pattern in a size I hoped would fit.  I didn't pin them, I just sewed.  I used bias tape that didn't match for the elastic waist, and orange thread because it was in the machine.  And a mermaid button.  They fit!  They are cuter than I expected.

Raina is thrilled.  And Olivia looks much warmer.  The pants don't do much to help her in the creep-o department, though...

Now it's almost 10 pm.  I've made doll pants.  I've blogged about doll pants.  Maybe I should try to put a dent in that sewing mess now? 

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