Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sowing (no sewing)

I can't seem to get any sewing done this week.  

It could be because my sewing table is a mess.  It could be that my insomniac 7 month old is teething.  It could be that I've been pushing all 3 of us through afternoon nap all week long so we could stay out and play longer.  But at the end of the day, when the exhausting bedtime routines are complete and the kitchen is clean and the wine is poured.... I just don't want to sew.  

So instead, here we are sowing!  

Compostable pots!  Kid-sized gardening tools!  Thank you, Ocean State Job Lot!  You have all the things I never knew I needed.

Dirty boots required.

Filling up pots with soil, in our fanciest pink outfits :)

Our supervisor!

Labels written on colorful popsicle sticks!

Tap tap tap

Our supervisor, sleeping on the job.

Taking her watering job very seriously.

Grow seeds, GROW!

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