Saturday, June 9, 2012

Use Your Noodle!

My kids seems to be on opposite schedules lately.  Lucca wakes up early, and is going down for a nap just when Raina is waking up for the day.  This leaves us with a 2-3 hour window of times in the morning when it's just me and Raina!  It's awesome... except we can't go anywhere.  Sometimes we fill the time with a movie and snuggles, but most of the time Raina wants to do science or an art project!  On those days, I pick my brain for ideas or head over to one of my Pinterest boards - Art with Raina or Learn at Home.

This morning's project has been living on my pinterest board for a while now:  Noodle Painting!  Yeah, it's as fun as it sounds!

We had no spaghetti, so I used our last bunch of these Japanese noodles

I thought it would be enough for just two colors, but it turned out to be enough for 3 bowls of alternative paintbrushes!

Then I topped them off with ketchup, mustard, and... blueberry sauce?

and mixed them up!  I think it looks purty!

We taped a roll of easel paper to the kitchen floor so we'd have a nice big work area to play on.  Raina helped with the taping.  That little lady loves herself a good roll of masking tape!  


Of course, my vision was not hers :)  I imagined we would use the noodles as paintbrushes... she decided it was better to use a SMOOSH effect!

"Mumma!  This feels gooey!!"

Here are some of the fun marks the noodles made on paper:

And this is what we were left with :)  

3 bowls of  rainbow noodles...

...and one pretty rad painting!

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