Monday, May 7, 2012

Easy Gathered Top - Something for ME!

I made good on my promise to myself!  I did indeed make something for me this time around!

The shirt that matches the bias tape from yesterday's post....


I made it using this pattern I bought on Etsy for a Simple Gathered Top.  This is such a quick and easy sew!  If I had used pre-made bias tape, I could have easily cranked this out in one night!  The variations and fabric possibilities are already swimming in my head!  I definitely recommend this pattern... and I think I might try out another 1 or 2 from the same shop!

So, the pictures...

the first two are of the shirt on me - while I'm standing on a toddler sized chair in front of my bathroom mirror in really poor lighting.  It's not easy to take a decent picture of yourself under those circumstances!  Still, there they are!  It's not as poofy as the second picture leads you to believe it is, I was just trying to keep my balance.

gathered neck...

flouncy bottom...

Very comfortable, and easy peasy to whip up.

I do think I made it too big, though.  I did the size 8 thinking I wanted it nice and roomy - but I'm going for the 6 next time.  I might lengthen it a bit, too.  This length is fine, but I have tiny people pulling at the bottom of my shirt most days, so a little length is never a bad thing.

And lastly, a tip.  Remember in my post about making the bias tape, I said that the most challenging part was converting cm to inches so that I'd know how long to make everything?  I was doing the same thing last night putting the finishing touches on this... and then hubby said, "Why not use cm side of your measuring tape?"

Inches on one side, centimeters on the other.

Go have fun and make some shirts!

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