Tuesday, May 22, 2012

water bombs

We made these awesome sponge balls.  The intent was to use them for outdoor play, but our weather has been less than cooperative, so they became fun in the tub toys instead!

I could do a tutorial with pictures and a step by step, but the one in the original post is so pretty and clearly written, and the blog itself is so lovely... you should really just check it out there so you can make some of your own!

We made some big ones (mommies and daddies, of course!)

And some little ones (big sisters and little sisters!)

In addition to looking pretty darn cool and making a giant splash when tosed into the tub, these fun toys also serve the actual purpose of CLEANING when used in conjunction with a bar of soap :)

Our sponges were from the dollar store, and the floss we already had, so this ended up being a two dollar project that has more than paid for itself!  I love the color combinations in the original post, so I may even splurge on some sponges from Target when the weather figures itself out and we can use them outdoors with friends!

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