Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stuck in the ice!

Oops!  I accidentally dropped a bunch of Raina's tiny toys and things into an ice cube tray and froze them!

 Tiny toys included:  
a pink pom pom
a scrap of fabric
a fake makeup applicator
the grumpy old troll (who lived under the bridge)
a marker cap
a foam heart

 some mini chocolate chips (not my best choice)
a monkey key cover
part of a crayon
tiny zebra
a penny
rainbow bead (this used to be an awesome bracelet, until it encountered Raina's 1 yr old self)

an outlet cover
a silly band
screws (uh-oh! you stole daddy's things!)
princess ring

oops... i spilled water on them!

 ...and then they froze into tiny toy filled icebergs...

So when bathtime came, I called out to my tiny scientist, "OH NO!  Raina!  Your toys!  They're stuck!  What are we going to do?!"

 "We should put it in a bowl, Mumma.  And warm it up!"

and then, almost before we could believe it, our trapped little friends were soup!

We spent the rest of the bath (in our filthy looking tub, which is now cleaned and re-caulked and oh so pretty) putting toys back in the tray, emptying them out, putting them in, taking them out... you see where I'm going with this, right?

 I try my hardest to keep bath time fun... to try new games and exciting tub experiments.  This one, it was absolutely a hit!  Raina's already asked to do it again!  I think next time I'll freeze things in colored water! 


  1. What fun!! We will definitely have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

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