Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reeses Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Do you think you gained 5 pounds just reading that title and looking at the picture?  Yeah, you probably did.  Let's not even talk about how much I've gained since making it this morning.  Hello, pants not fitting.  Diets and Pinterest just do not mix.

I made this from a recipe I've seen floating around Pinterest lately. (Ha!  I laughed out loud at the visual that gave me.  Go ahead, picture bread literally floating through Pinterest.  Funny.)  A friend also made it and put a picture on Facebook, sealing the deal.

Um, yeah.  Why has no one thought of this before?

I bought the mini Reeses Cups a few days ago and left them on the counter.  I knew this was a poor idea, but I got distracted by spit up or a naked toddler or something and forgot to hide them.  Yesterday hubs was making dinner (Shepard's Pie!  High five, hubby!) and I caught him sticking his hand in the bag.  "Hey, hands off!  Those are for a recipe!"  He removed his hand, but stole a few more on the way out.  

This lovely morning, Lucca decided we should get up at 5 AM.  She was wide awake, bushy tailed, full of pep, and ready to go to the beach.  Seemed like a good time to make this bread.  Lucca is already a great sous chef... she really enjoys getting her hands right into the cooking... especially the bag of brown sugar.  If you've never mixed up a recipe with a baby on your hip, it's a real adventure!  (i did, in case you were worried, put her down for all oven-related steps!)

Jason got up a little after 7, and through is groggy just woke up stupor, recognized his precious reeses.  He perked up, cut a slice, and deemed it yumma-licious.  Or maybe he just said it was really good.  Either way.  

Raina got up at 9:30 (awesome, and she SO needed it!), didn't want any part of it all day, but changed her mind at dinner time.  Good try, kiddo.  She had some for dessert and told me, "I really really like this one Mumma!"  Ah, those are the compliments I live for!

Just one more question... Can I frost it with Nutella?

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