Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Refashioning Bunny Dress

This short and sweet post meant to be written during the week following Easter, the week I just wasn't into it.  It's an easy refashion I did to make two otherwise unwearable shirts wearable again!  It was also Lucca's third Easter day outfit, after she slobbed all over her dress and easter onesie :).  That girl loves to make the laundry piles grow!

Both of these shirts (well, the bunny one is actually a onesie that I had already cut, but, y'know... details...) are size 0-3 months.  Lucca hasn't fit into that size in quite a while now, but I really wanted her to be able to wear the cute bunny on her first Easter!  So snip snip snip...  off came the top of the pink ruffle shirt, and off came the bottom of the onesie!

Stitch stitch stitch... together they were serged! Two shirts lost, one cute ruffly Easter dress gained!

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