Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lovey Love

Raina has been really good with the adjustmet of having a new sibling.  Most of the time.  Some days, though, she has a hard time with the fact that there are things that are Lucca's.  Only Lucca's.  Not Raina's.  Lucca's taggie blanket is close to the top of this list.  She always wants to lie on it when Lucca is playing on it, and sometimes when she sees me watching her [lay with all the ribbons, she'll say something really guilt tripping like, "I don't have one of these.  Lots of babies, but not me..."

Now, the last thing this girl needs is another blanket.  The kid sleeps with EIGHT bkankets on her bed!  Eight!!!  And most of them are homemade, just for her.  But still, she has no rainbow taggies.  So today I made her a lovey sized one, personalized with just an "R."  Her "R for me!" as she calls it.  Small enough that it can go with her, double as a blanket for Meow, and not be added to her princess and the pea blanket stack :).

It's about 15" x 15", as opposed to the usual 36" x 36."  Perfect for car rides and doll beds!  Most importantly, it still has plenty of pretty rainbow ribbons to play with, hang things from, and rub between little fingers for comfort.

Let's hope she loves it!  I'm thinking of making a similar sized one as a pillow.  Yes?  And doing one with a heart instead of a letter.  Great for a baby shower gift when mom and dad are keeping the name a surprise!

(p.s. - if you like these a lot, I just added them to my Etsy shop!  Use the code BLOG10 to save 10% for getting there through my blog!)

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