Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines Day Hair Accesories Extravaganza!

I've been sooo busy taking orders and making blankets lately that I've hardly had time to do anything else!  I love holiday thmed dressing, though (on little girls, that is.  Not quite the same on mommas!), so I spent my toddlerless (weekend at nana's!) weekend making some pretty hair thingamabobs for Raina and Lucca!

Saturday morning after I dragged my butt to yoga, I stopped at AC Moore for some glittery craft foam.  I love this stuff.  It has an adhesive back, but I generally ignore that and take a glue gun to it.  Little fingers are not easy on hair items, and hot glue is way more secure than adhesive backing.  I have a headband of my own that is glitter stars, amde from wool felt and German glass glitter that is GORGEOUS... but the cost of the supplies for toddlers and babies is a little over the top.  Glitter foam gives the same effect, and I wont feel bad if it gets worn only once, or lost on the playground, or put through the wash by mistake.  It's usually between .59 and .89.  You can afford this.  I also got some valentine ribbon, pink satin, and stretch lace.

I am dangerous in craft stores, btw.  There is no way I can run in for just one thing.  Everything looks SO PRETTY!  My brain starts working overtime about all the possibilities, and before you know it, my basket is full.  I do not get carts in craft stores.  Way too dangerous.  At least I know my limits, right?

It has been so long since I made curly hairbows, and it was SO much fun to do it again!  (I got some St. Patrick's day ribbin, too, so I'll be doing this again soon!)  After an entire afternoon at my craft table/messy pile of glittery stuff, this is what I had to show for myself:

My intent was to make a bunch into headbands... and I did... but I left more as clips than I thought I would at first.  I decided that they's last longer if they could be clipped onto a headband now, and worn as a clip later.  Some of the headbands may actually be turned back into clips when they get too small.

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  1. these are adorable! if only I had a little girl lol....I have two boys :)
    found ya from Sumo's link party...