Thursday, February 16, 2012

Playgroup Valentines Party!

We had a party!  Sort of.  I mean, it wasn't a fancy party, and it wasn't organized, and there was no schedule.  We invited a bunch of small children and their moms/aunties to our house for a Valentine's celebration... we made treats, we decorated, we put out toys.  Our party was a toddler and baby free for all, an event that left our living room looking like three hours in on Christmas morning, an even that built up some fantastic sugar highs (and crashes).  Mommies had coffee, children had sugar, and everyone had fun.  Success!
Up there is a picture of our table, all prettied up for the occasion.  Here's a breakdown of what's on the table...


Is it easy to tell which ones I decorated, and which were a result of this?:

No matter, they were all tasty!

Raina also made some Model Magic cupcakes, with princess candles.
We decided not to eat those ones.

(BANGS.  Will they ever grow out completely?  Will she always be shaggy?)

I feel like I should also mention that while, yes, the kiddos ate a fair amount of cupcakes, they also ate every banana in my house.  And we had lots of bananas.  Thanks, Josh.  Sometimes peer pressure is a good thing!

We also made these chocolate stirring spoons that I blogged about a few days ago...

Decorations were simple.  A heart shaped cutting board and placemat from Christmas Tree Shop.  Themed paper plates and pink napkins (napkins from Raina's first birthday party.  Yes, first.  As we are getting ready for the third!)  Paper hearts, decorated with paint and foam stickers by Raina.  And a garland, bought on super clearance at Target the day after Christmas!  It has little felt circles hung on a ribbon - it came decorated with snowflakes, but I just turned it over and randomly stuck on some foam heart stickers.  Voila!  I also put out heart dishtowels and handtowels in the bathroom.  I don't think anyone noticed, but it made me happy.

All the kids came in red.  Some of them.  One of them?  One of them and my own two.  Four of the girls wore my Valentine hairbows, so I didn't really mind that it wasn't as festive from the neck down :).

Those are my Valentine cuties, dressed for the occasion!  I can't get enough of those smiles!

We had Valentine success.  A few friends ended up staying for lunch, and helped us sort of clean up the trashed play area :).  I am always hesitant to host playgroup at my house.  I'm always worried that my house isn't clean enough, or cute enough, or well decorated enough.  That everyone will have a terrible time and complain about the messy stovetop.  I have to keep reminding myself that every one of these women spends their day in a house with kids.  They get it, and I can let go a little and give myself a break.  This week, I'm glad I did!  

Whew, we made it.  
(And with cupcakes to spare!  We brought them to Auntie, because I can't. eat. any. more. cupcakes.  Sad but true.)

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