Friday, March 19, 2010

snowflake jumper

I love easy projects.  This one is near the top of the list of "easiest craft projects I've ever made."  So easy, so fast, so cute.  I love that combination!

It's chilly here still, but I love Raina in dresses.  I looked through my stash of old clothes waiting to be transformed, and found a pullover fleece with a silvery snowflake pattern on the bottom.  Perfect for a little fleece jumper!

I folded it in half inside-out and traced one of Raina's dresses on it for length and width.  Next I pinned the sides and sewed them up, sewing "hems" on the strap edges, too.  And last (yes, really!) I used some velcro for the straps, so that it can easily go over her head and fasten without buttons or snaps.  Because I am way too afraid to try the buttonhole option on my sewing machine yet, and I have no snaps in my sewing basket :).  I thought about hemming the bottom edge, but decided not to in the end.  The fleece wont fray, and I like the soft look it has without a hemline.  Oh, and I'm lazy.  DONE!

It looks super cute layered up with warm tights and bright long-sleeved onesies.  Thanks again, pile of old clothes!

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