Friday, March 19, 2010

baby legwarmers

Little chunky baby legs look TOO cute in legwarmers!  I fell in love with all the different colors and patterns at the baby boutique, but the price tag made me gasp a little.  We went home with one cute little polka-dot pair... and wheels turning in my head.  A few days later, at Target, I noticed some fun women's knee socks on clearance.  AHA!  I bought a few pairs, including these fabulous ruffly numbers, and went to work.  It's quite simple, really:  cut off the foot part above the heel, fold over, sew with zig zag stitch.  If you use a straight stitch, which I did at first, there is no stretch at the top, making it hard to get cute legwarmers over aforementioned chinky baby legs!  The zig zag stitch gives them just enough give.  So now we have no more sore knees...  just pretty purple ruffles to chase around from room to room!

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