Friday, March 19, 2010

rock n' roll pants

Now that I've figured out how to make baby pants without them looking so obviously homemade, I can't seem to stop myself!  I've had this pair of pj pants in my drawer for ages, and they never get worn.  I just don;t like the way they fit.  What I DO love is the awesome guitar graphic at the bottom of the leg.  So instead of letting them waste away in my dresser until the elastic waistband goes all crunchy, turning them into rockstar pants for my little superstar seemed like a good idea!

They look adorable on her... and I even had to tell my husband these ones were homemade!  Here's a few more pairs I've made recently...

Pretty flowery vine pants.  These are made from a tank top I bought once on sale and then never wore because the straps were too long.  I like that they're flowers, but not overly froufrou and pink.  Unfortunately, my laziness at changing thread colors is really obvious on these ones.  I really need to get over that. 

These pants, while admittedly a little wonky looking, are my favorite.  I was IN LOVE with this striped sweater from the Gap for such a long time.  I never bought it during it's time in the store, despite visting it on many occassions.  A few seasons later, I found it in a thrift store for $3.  Yes, you're reading that right.  I wore it a few times a week at first, and while I eventually cut down, it was a staple in my wardrobe for at least 3 winters.  The wool is a little worn, hence the wonkiness, but the brightness and the stripes more than make up for it.  Maybe some day I can catch Raina in a good mood and get some shots of the pants in action :).  Sewing these was a little tricky because the sweater knit stretched in ways I'm not used to yet... but with lots of pinning and careful sewing, I managed to get most of the stripes lined up.  I'm thinking more sweater pants are in Raina's future!

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