Friday, March 19, 2010

leprechaun pants

In honor of St.  Patty's Day, I thought I'd make my lovely little lady a pair of festive pants.  Out of 2 placemats.  Really!!!  I wish I had thought ahead to my blogging self when I made these and taken pictures throughout.  Sorry, self.  But really...  these pants are made from to super cheap ($2 each!) holiday placemats.  I got mine at an amazing Northeast store called The Christmas Tree Shop, but you could pick them up from a clearance section, home goods store, probably even a dollar store!  I folded them in half, traced a pair of a pants that fit her well, cut, and sewed, then added an elastic waist.  I didn't even change the thread in my machine to gree, I left it white :)  Oh wait, I do that for all my projects?  Yeah, you're right.  Some day I'll be fast enough at re-threading my machine to make it worthwhile to change the color for every superfast pair of kid pants I make!

And there you have it, St. Patty's Day couture!  Paired with a shamrock shirt, shiny shoes, and this awesome headband (I might have one too)... she's a lucky charm for sure!

pot o' gold shoes

my lucky leprechaun!

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