Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sister shirts

I love matching outfits.  And coordinating outfits.  I'll out my girls in them for as long as I possibly can.  I also love making them pretty things to wear... so a couple weeks ago I made these shirts to show off some sisterly love!

                                                   Seriously, how cute is this baby?!

The shirts started out as plain white and boring... but with some scrap fabric and a little thread, they became so much more!

And now I'll share a secret with you.  The 5 minutes it took me to take the pictures of the girls in theses shirts?  That's how long they had them on for.  Lucca, queen of spit up, she who requires a full size towel instead of a regular burp cloth... she soaked her shirt.  Like, drenched.  For real, down to her skin through this shirt and the one under it.  That kid knows how to make laundry.  And once I took Lucca's off, Raina wanted to change her shirt, too.  Le sigh.  In no time flat, my hopes and dreams of being the most envied mom at the indoor playground turned into a soggy coulda woulda :) 

But this face, this face... how could I be upset??

Want some?  Need some?  They're for sale in my etsy shop!  (With your kids' names, not mine.  That'd just be weird.)


  1. oh such cute shirts!
    crafty projects are the best!

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    XO, Aimee