Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mr. Turtle

Maybe he won't win a race for being the fastest, but he'll win any contest for being the cutest!

When I saw this tuturial over at make it love it, Turtle Softie Pattern ... I fell in love.  I knew I had to make a herd of them, even though at the time I had one child that was a bit too old, and one that wasn't even born.  No matter.

The pattern is easy peasy!  Just make sure you gave something to turn those tiny pieces, and you're good to go!  You don't even need that much fabric - scraps or recycled fabrics would be great for this prokect!  I used pieces of fat quarters I had used for a hundred million (for realz!) other projects, in bright colors so that my turtle man would be bright and cheery.

The pattern?  Super simple!  I whipped this guy up after my girlies were in bed, and it was so straightforward.  The most complicated part was turning the tail and legs right side out - I used a knitting needle.  You definitely need something to turn those little pieces, no matter how tiny your hands are.  (And really, mine are pretty small - my ring size is 4.5) 

I love how bright he is, and how the fabrics look together.  Rainbow turtle!  I don't love how dirty my floors are.  Obviously, I sew and craft at naptime, not clean!

Not sure why I decided turtle is a "he," but it's been said enough times now that it must be true.  Maybe next time I'll add a mustache?  :)

Isn't his wittle tail the cutest?!

Undignified belly shot.  Sorry Mr Turtle.

A few fabric closeups...  these are all fat quarters from JoAnn fabric... the orange butterflies is one of my absolute favorite fabrics lately and I buy it out whenever I see it there.  :)

Run, turtle, run!!!

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