Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring has sprung!

and we have the dirty fingernails to prove it!

Happy Dirt-Day to you,
Happy Dirt-Day to you!
Happy Dirt-Day to you-ooo,
Happy Dirt-Day to you!
and muddy moooooooooooore.........

This kid loves her some dirt!  She's going to be awfully sad this weekend when we plant veggies in her diggin' box and she can't go scrounging for worms anymore.  Sandbox time?  Here are some of Raina's top favorite things to do with dirt:
1.  Make dinner for Meow.  Soup or pudding?  You be the judge!
2.  Take it in handfuls from the planter to her playhouse and throw it through the windows.
3.  Use her Spongebob shovel to spread the dirt in a nice even layer on the steps.
4.  Pretend the dirt is a bandaid by dumping it on her forearm and yelling "Booboo!  Ouchie!"  When the booboo is better, she yells "happy!" then blows the dirt off her arm as if blowing out birthday candles.
5.  Wipe it on my pants.  Love it.  
To quote Oscar the Grouch, "I LOVE DIRT!"

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