Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mom Confessions

Before Raina was born, I had spent a fair amount of time around kids.  My mom ran a home daycare, I babysat for years, and was a preschool teacher.  I figured I had seen enough to know what I was doing, at least most of the time.  The realities of having a baby (and then a toddler!) in my house 24/7 changed some things, though.  I know I am a great Mom, regardless of what others may think form time to time, and am making the best decisions for my family.  So here's a big fat PHOOEY to the lady at GAP who took one look at Raina helping me paw through the clearance rack and announced loudly and to no one in particular "I like it when MY kids sit in their stroller while I shop!"  Good for you, lady.  Here's a few other things I don't care about being judged for...
*I resort to bribery.  A tube of mini m&m's has saved my sanity more than once.  I'm also not against giving my kid toys to play with in the cart in Target, and then putting them all back in the health and beauty aisles.
*Those giant carts at the grocery store with cars on the front?  LOVE.  We would not make it past aisle 2 without them most times.
*Raina knows Dunkin Donuts by sight.  And Panera.  And Starbucks.  We like bagels and chocolate milk.  So what?
*YouTube is my friend. 
*Sometimes I let Raina play at the sink so I have a few minutes to stand next to her and read a People magazine while I drink my coffee.
*Popsicles?  A breakfast food.  They're made of fruit, right?
*Giving daily baths sounds like the worst thing ever to me.  Unless she's filthy, a few times a week is fine.
*I'm a short order cook.  Sometimes my family of 3 eats 3 different things for dinner.  Bananas, yogurt, and a string cheese count as meal options.
*I said I'd never buy a hot dog.  And I would definitely never mix it with mac and cheese.  My daughter thinks this is a gourmet feast, though, so now I stock up on weird little meat sticks.  Yum?
*I am able to step ovver piles of toys and clothes without even noticing them sometimes,  I can shut the door to the basement and immediately forget about any laundry that maight be hiding down there.  Beds are never made, counters are sometimes sticky for longer than I'd like to admit.  My day is all about having fun with my girl - housework can wait!

Yep, it's all true.  I had notions of being super housewife extroidinairre... but have learned that I'm content to just be me.  Laundry piles on the couch, pasta for dinner again, and one smiley happy girl in my arms!

Here we are at the playgound, not wearing coats and neglecting chores that need to be done at home!

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