Friday, October 12, 2012

Blogging mojo. (And a kid project)

I have a pocketful of excuses, and none of them seem legit enough.  Sometimes life happens.  In the end, that's what it all boils down to.  Blogging started to feel like another chore in my life, and that wasn't... isn't... what I want this blog to be.  So I started asking myself what I want from this blog.  What were my intentions when I started it?  I didn't want it to be a daily churn out of "look what I made!"  ...and that's kinda what I felt like it had evolved into.  I was sewing like crazy, writing too late, and losing steam.  I was linking my posts all over the interwebs, trying to get traffic and followers... and I ended up actually LOSING two followers.  Now, who knows why they really left.  It could have been lots of things.  But I took it personally, and it was the last straw.

So now I've taken a break, thought a lot, and I want to come back and be funny again.  When I started this blog, it wasn't all sewing projects.  It was cooking, kid things, and rants about life in my mommyhood.  So while I'll still show off things I made, I hope you'll still read my other posts, too!

Thanks for letting me take a break.  Now lets get this party started back up!

I don't think I ever wrote about this activity we did.  

It started off simple enough:  a pile of beads, and a bunch of pipe cleaners.  I was thinking fine motor skills mixed with craft time.  Pretty open ended.

and then, because why not, we added a big pile of feathers:

I'm not sure what I imagine Raina would do with this pile of goodies, but I didn't expect her to build a person and give it feather hair!  I helped with the mouth (chin?), but everything else was all miss Raina!  

Then, from the feathers, a question came up...


Aaaah, the question the art student and color lover in me has been waiting for!  I'm so looking forward a whole new chapter of color explorations stemming from this!  Do you think Home Depot will mind if I clear them out of paint samples this weekend??

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  1. i only just realized i was't following you.... but believe me, i vist your site on the daily to see if there is a new post. hugs my love. you rock!